HS News

June 4, 2020,

Parents of 8-12 students, 

Some of you were not able to attend the Chromebook, packet, and book drop off on June 1, 2020.  In order to accommodate those students who were unable to attend June 1, a receptacle for packets will be available in front of the HS main entrance.  Also, there will be a table with containers for Chromebooks and books.  Please remember to fill out the Chromebook sign in sheet when turning in the Chromebook.  This setup will be continued until June 12, 2020.  After this, we will be contacting students about missing items.

 Students that have enrolled in Summer Credit Recovery will keep their Chromebooks until the end of the session.  At the end of the summer session, they will turn in their Chromebooks if applicable.  Please keep checking the website for more information after June 12 pertaining to any pertinent information or updates.   


Brent Ruppert, Principal