food bag

Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding as we continue to modify our food delivery methods in order to decrease the number of volunteers needed to run it.  We want to ensure our staff and volunteers safety the best we can.  We will continue to provide food bags every Friday.  

Please make sure you are picking up your food bags at the same location every week.  Here are the pickup times for each location (Leroy Elementary, Grandma’s Daycare, Ashton Monument @ 3:30-4:30; Luther Elementary @ 3:45-4:45; AND Cadillac B&B @ 4:00-5:00pm).

If you are receiving delivery, your bus may arrive earlier than usual because we have been able to shorten our bus routes.  Buses depart around 3:30pm from the MS/HS, so please be watching for your bus.

*If you for some reason DID NOT receive your food last week, please call Kim Miller no later than Wednesday, April 22nd.  829-3141 (option 8).  Please leave a message if no one answers.

There have been a few questions about the two different food bags that go out on Fridays.  Here is an explanation of the two bags.

  1. Pine River Food Bags- These are the paper bags that contain 7 breakfast and 7 lunch items.  These are prepared by our Pine River Food Service and staff. These are available to students under the age of 18.    

  1. Uplift Food Bags- These bags are the GREEN bags that contain more grocery/pantry type items. These are NOT funded by the school and are funded strictly by donations from the community.  Local volunteers put these bags together. The purpose of these bags is to help families that may need some extra assistance with food.  This is a wonderful organization! If you need to be added or taken off the Uplift Bags, please call Kim Miller at 829-3141 (option 8).  Please leave a message if no one answers.  

Many have asked how they can help in the community, and one of those ways would be to donate to Uplift.  

If you wish to donate, you may mail a check to Uplift PR Kids, c/o Tustin CPC, PO Box 131, Tustin, MI 49688, or you may donate online at www.upliftpineriver.comIf you have questions, please call 231-920-3064.