Graduation Requirements

Students need 26 credits to graduate.

8 Semesters (4 Credits)
2 Semesters-English 9
2 Semesters- English 10
2 Semesters- English 11
2 Semesters- English 12 or Baker Comp I and II

8 Semesters (4 Credits)
2 Semesters- Algebra
2 Semesters- Geometry
2 Semesters- Algebra II
2 Semesters- Math Elective (usually Personal Finance or Baker College Trigonometry & Statistics
*A student may substitute a Career Technical Center class or Advanced woods for the senior math credit.

6 Semesters (3 Credits)
2 Semesters Biology
2 Semesters Physical Science (previously Foundations of Physics & Chemistry)
2 Semesters Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Anatomy & Physiology or a CTC program.
*Advanced students may take both Chemistry and Physics and opt out of physical science.

Social Studies
7 Semesters (3 Credits)
2 Semesters American History/Geography
2 Semesters- World History/Geography
1 Semester- Economics
2 Semesters- Civics with Senior Seminar

1 Semester (1/2 Credit)
1 Semester-Health- Usually taken sophomore year

Physical Education
1 Semester (1/2 Credit)
1 Semester of Physical Education, Strength and Conditioning, Cardio Fitness, or Yoga
*Additional credits of these classes can be taken as electives

Visual, Performing, or Applied Arts
2 Semesters (1 Credit)
2 Semesters- Art, Shop, Band, Choir, or Communications Technology
*A student may earn a second credit (2 semesters) as a substitute for the second credit of world languages.

World Languages
4 Semesters (2 Credits)
2 Semesters Spanish I
2 Semesters Spanish II
*A student may substitute a Career Technical Center or a second Visual Performing, or Applied Arts for one credit (two semesters).

On-line experience (no credit)
Twenty hours of online experience is required for graduation. Completion of Civics and Senior Seminar satisfies this requirement.

14 Semesters (7.5 Credits) or 15 Semesters