2020-21 Course Selection Guide

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Mrs. Barbara Sicoli serves as Pine River’s kindergarten through 3rd grade counselor. Mrs. Sicoli has a master’s degree in social work. She can be reached by calling 231-768-4481 or by emailing barbara.sicoli@pineriver.org.

Mr. Brian McConnell serves as Pine River’s 4th through 7th grade counselor. Mr. McConnell has a master’s degree in counseling. You can reach Mr. McConnel by calling 231-829-3841 or by emailing bryan.mconnell@pineriver.org.

Mrs. Becky Curtis is the Pine River 8-12th grade counselor. She can be reached by calling 231-829-3841 or by emailing becky.curtis@pineriver.org. Students who wish to see Mrs. Curtis are encouraged to use the online sign-up form. In case of an emergency, students should tell a staff member and come to the office immediately.

Vision Statement: The Pine River Area Schools Counseling Department seeks to empower all students in reaching their fullest potential in academics, career development, and personal growth.